Your Disability Claim File Has Been Closed —- Really?!!

Your Disability Claim File Has Been Closed —- Really?!!

Disability Claim File Closed?

With some degree of frequency, we see people getting a letter from their disability insurance company saying things like “…as you are no longer disabled, your file has been closed.”, or “…as we have denied your claim for disability benefits, your disability claim file has now been closed.” Don’t make the mistake of simply accepting this statement without seeking advice on whether that can really be true.

Truth About Disability Claim File Closed

The truth about such a statement is that the insurance company would like your file to be closed. They hope that you simply accept the statement without questioning it. After all, how can you question or fight a decision made by a large insurance company with unlimited resources?

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By David Share L.L.B.

President, Share Lawyers

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