LTD Claim Denied Because You Have “Transferrable Skills”

LTD Claim Denied Because You Have “Transferrable Skills”

Further to our recent blog on “own occupation” and “any occupation” clauses in LTD policies, insurance companies often cite transferrable skills as a reason they have decided they no longer have to pay LTD claim benefits.

Transferrable Skills & LTD Claim

Let’s say you have been receiving LTD benefits for a period of time and the insurance company appears to accept that you no longer can do the type of work you used to do. For instance, you used to do work installing computer networks and systems, which required knowledge of computer networks, but also involved certain physical tasks. Due to your illness/injury, you can no longer handle that type of work, but the insurance company has determined that you could probably handle “sedentary” work. With or without the assistance of a vocational assessment, they look at your education and prior experience and decide that you can probably perform a number of alternative jobs that would pay you enough to eliminate any ongoing LTD claim.

Some of the favoured “sedentary” jobs that are noted are, customer service representative, call centre operator, parking lot attendant…..and so on.

Does this mean your claim is over? No. Your particular situation should be reviewed by experienced disability lawyers who can challenge the insurance companies decision to cut you off.

By David Share L.L.B.

President, Share Lawyers

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