Accident Benefit Documentation

Accident Benefit Documentation

Many people find it hard to organize the paperwork required as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  There is no simple alternative to having the correct accident benefit documentation and information available.  Perhaps we can provide some insight and guidance.

Accident Benefit Documentation Guidance

The best strategy is to obtain a receipt for any expense even remotely connected to the accident.  It may not be compensable but trying to get proof of spending at a later date is very difficult.   Make sure receipts include a date, reason for the payment, location and of course an amount.  You can write-in any missing details.

At the same time, maintain a log of all related trips whether for medical services or otherwise.  Again, include the date, starting point, end location, reason, mileage each way and expenses incurred.

Some expenses require a medical assessment, evaluation or report.

Be sure you use the correct form and include a cover letter indentifying submissions made to the insurance company.   Lastly, keep copies of all paperwork.

There is no guarantee that an insurance company will pay all submissions and not all expenses are eligible for repayment.  However, you won’t lose money on a technicality or for not having sufficient proof of an expense.

By Shira Bernholtz LL.B.

Client Services Lawyer, Share Lawyers

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