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Average: 4.9
Was treated fairly through the entire process.
I was so impressed by the team at Share Lawyers. They kept me well informed throughout the whole process and never made me feel like I was a nuisance when I had questions. I was respected (can’t say that about the insurance company). If you’ve been denied your rightful benefits from an insurance company, hire share lawyers. Thank you Brad Pleavin and GianMarco for fighting for me and the rest of the team at Share Lawyers. Grateful, Susan Waddleton
Great results.
The staff were very professional and patient. They’re understanding and their ability to make clear to me all the technical legal jargon was extremely helpful. I would never have been able to wade through all the legal protocols without such great help. Thank you Kirk, share lawyers and staff
I contacted Share Lawyers as well as many other firms following a second denial of Disability Insurance. They were the ones where I felt were more competent and where I felt less anxious with, even at ease. They were very professional, upfront, knowledgeable, accessible. I felt they prepared me well and didn't give me false expectation and hope. The process went well, quickly and the mediation session was much better than I expected. I saw my lawyer recommending what he believed was best for me, rather than what was best for the firm. My confidence and respect grew tremendously. I was able to reach a settlement, without them I probably would not have gotten paid. They were a great help and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Share lawyer provided a great service! They were thorough and kept me in the loop. Although a lengthy process Share was able to deliver satisfactory results. I enjoyed my experience with the assistance everyone collectively offered.
ALL the staff members, from receptionists, assistants, to lawyers were exceptional. All explained the processes, the fees, the timeline, the expectations, the legal reasonings, in a straightforward and easily understood manner. I was kept up to date date either by phone or email, in a timely manner. My negotiating lawyer (Brad Pleavin), was available to further explain the situation to me, if I was not sure about any detail. I am beyond pleased with the work everyone does at Share Lawyers!
Got a little less than expected but overall a positive experience.
My experience with Share Lawyers was top notch from beginning to end. Steven was very proficient, patient and professional. He guided me through the mediation process and made a stressful day tolerable! With the assistance of Shira throughout the entire process, I'm very pleased I chose Share Lawyers to guide me through this difficult time! Definitely cannot go wrong choosing this very seasoned group! Michelle H
They are very professional and were able to show results better than expected. Thank you to those who had assisted me.