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Long Term Disability Testimonials


I most appreciatively express my profound thanks for all that you have done!
Wendy, I was most impressed and touched by your prompt response to my email of inquiry, to our initial conversations of assurance, of endless information, consideration, and patience which lead me to your doors to engage this firm to represent me.  You certainly set the tone for what was to follow over the next few months.
Thank you David for taking me on as your client despite what seemed to me at the time such overwhelming accusations by the insurance company that I was not being truthful – that I was well enough to return to work when I was not.  You instantly helped me to put it all into a new perspective.  You believed me.  You assured me you could help.  You inspired confidence without pressure.  You made all correspondence as easy as possible despite the miles between us.  Thank you David for providing this incredible service to those of us who find ourselves suddenly under the umbrella of the disabled.  You turned the tides for me after a miserable year.
Shira, your continued thoughtfulness, prompt responses to my many emails, your phone calls which unhurriedly explained what I didn’t understand, your warmness and friendliness in addition to your professionalism totally put me at ease and helped me know that I was in good hands, understanding (as much as I need to understand) what the process was.  Thank you for making this so much more a stressless journey!
Steven, I am so very grateful for the successful outcome to the claim today due to your superb negotiating skills.  We most certainly appreciated your kindness, courtesy, and professionalism which helped de-stress the day for us totally.  You are obviously very good at what you do – a voice for those of us who do not know how to successfully play the game.  For all that and more, Thank you Steven!
Volker, thank you for the amount of reading, researching, emailing etc. that you did on my behalf to make success a possibility. To all of you at DSA who made phone calls, photocopies, and did many things of which I will never know.  It is all very much appreciated.  Thank you!
Overall, I have been impressed by the amount of quality of your communication through letters, calls, booklets, by the personal touches such as newsletters, a Tim Horton’s card to help lower expenses in Toronto, etc. etc. etc.  I have already recommended your firm to others and your name is out there to those who might benefit from your services, along with my positive comments.  Despite the miles between us, you have made this journey as pleasant and seamless as possible.  I have gone from a position of great stress to one of trust and now am ready to move forward from this point on armed with the funds needed.
Thank you! I am forever grateful!