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Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Disability Claim

Who gets adult ADHD? Every adult who has ADHD had it as a child.  Some may have been diagnosed at a young age, but many have not. Many children with ADHD will outgrow it, but the majority do not.

If you have adult ADHD, you likely have difficulty with;
  • Following directions
  • Remembering information
  • Concentrating
  • Organizing
  • Finishing work on time
  • Multi tasking
  • Focusing
  • Impulsivity
  • Poor time management skills
  • Mood swings
This can cause difficulty in one’s personal and work life. Getting treatment and learning different ways to manage it can help. Treatment plans can include; medication, therapy, education or learning different strategies that work best for each individual.

Here at Share Lawyers, we have extensive experience in handling cases involving individuals who have been diagnosed adult ADHD. We understand the patience and consideration that is needed to handle such a case, together with the need for sound legal advice. When you are suffering from these symptoms you are not at your best, and need the steady compassionate advice of experienced lawyers to assist you in navigating your way to fair and equitable resolution of your claim.

We would encourage you to contact us to consult further about your claim, to see if we can be of assistance to you and your family.
There are time limits to all claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline so you should not delay in proceeding with your claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines.

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Facts & Figures - ADHD

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is widespread worldwide. It is under-recognized and under-diagnosed, despite the fact that it is very treatable. 

80% of children maintain their diagnosis into adolescences, and more than 60% remain affected by it in adulthood. 

Fact: Adult ADHD affects men and women equally.

ADHD is hereditary and is a chronic disorder that persists throughout your life but can be managed with appropriate treatments. 

Adult ADHD can lead to anxiety and depression, as well as unstable relationships, poor work performance and low self-esteem.

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