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Disability Lawyers In Toronto Serving Ontario and Canada

Since 1987 Share Lawyers has focused on claims against insurance companies for long term disability benefits, and other insurance claims based on illness and injury. There Are No Fees Unless You Win Your Case.  Share Lawyers helps individuals in Ontario and across Canada who have been unfairly denied disability benefits from a variety of policies.

We’re Focused on Disability Claims in Ontario & Across Canada

Are you dealing with the physical, emotional and financial burden of an illness or injury? Stop struggling on your own with no results. Contact our long term disability lawyers to fight the insurance company on your behalf and get the maximum settlement that you deserve. Find out what Share Lawyers can do for you. Our team of experienced long-term disability, life, and critical illness insurance lawyers has made successful claims against many insurance companies and third-party administrators.

Since 1987, Share Lawyers has been committed to protecting the rights of individuals in Ontario and across Canada, handling legal matters in the areas of long-term disability insurance denials and other insurance disputes involving illness, injury or death.

From the moment our experienced long term disability lawyers take on your case, you can turn the focus back to your health, rebuilding your life and knowing that we won’t stop fighting until we have negotiated the best settlement possible on your behalf.

Choose the disability insurance law firm with a proven track record of success to advocate for you. Don’t waste another second feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Life ReBuilder™

Your life has been disrupted. An unexpected illness or trauma has derailed everything... your health, your career, your relationships, your finances and more. Adding to this, your insurance company has let you down when you needed them most. But you can get back on track. You can reclaim and rebuild your life. You won't have to pay until you win. You will get decisive legal representation from lawyers who know the insurance companies best. You will also get guidance and tools to help you along the way and to assist you in rebuilding your life piece by piece.

It's called Life ReBuilder™, exclusively from Share Lawyers. It offers unique services to help rebuild your life and get you back on track, beginning with the expertise of a full legal team (not just one lawyer) all working for you. Watch now!

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Do You Live Outside Toronto?

We are proud to serve clients in Ontario and across Canada. We communicate with our clients in person and via telephone, email, teleconference, fax, and courier as well as employing various cutting edge communication technologies to suit our clients needs. We also offer extensive information and resources on our website, blogs and social media. View our service areas.

Free Consultation - No Fees Unless You Win

As a special service for all our clients, we provide free, no-obligation and strictly confidential assessments.


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Our Practice Areas

Long Term Disability Claim Disputes
We represent clients who have been denied benefits under either a group disability insurance policy or a private policy.
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Executives and Self-Employed Professionals
Disability insurance policies provide income replacement if unable to work due to illness or injury.
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Mental Health and Disability
Many disability insurance claims are based on mental health problems and insurance companies have many methods to deny claims. 
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Fibromyalgia and Disability
With Fibromyalgia, as with any disorder with no visibly apparent symptoms, individuals find that their symptoms aren’t taken seriously.
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Military Disabilities and SISIP
SISIP LTD is a group Long Term Disability Benefit plan for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel. 
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Addiction and Disability
Whether an addiction will entitle you to insurance benefits will depend on provisions of the applicable insurance policy.
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Critical Illness Claims

Non-payment of a critical illness insurance policy can be very upsetting, particularly as you are dealing with a critical illness at the same time.

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Life Insurance Claims

Non-payment of life insurance proceeds following the death of a loved one can be devastating to family members.

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