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Since 1987 Share Lawyers has been specializing in claims against insurance companies for long term disability benefits, as well as other disability claim and insurance claim issues that arise because of illness or injury. There Are No Fees Unless You Win Your Case.  Share Lawyers helps individuals in Ontario and across Canada who have been unfairly denied disability benefits from a variety of policies. If you are unable to work because of a medical problem, and your disability claim has been denied, you need a disability lawyer that will do everything in their power to get you what you are entitled to from the insurance company.

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We Specialize In Disability Law – We Can Help You!

There’s a reason that the Disability Lawyers at Share Lawyers have been in business for over 30 years, and that reason is to help you. If you’ve been denied your long term disability insurance benefits, Share Is There and There Are No Fees Unless You Win Your Case.

We promise to take fast action on your behalf if your claim has been denied or if you have a problem with your long term disability claim. We promise that from the first phone call, you will feel supported and heard. We will use our unmatched knowledge of disability law, our decades of experience fighting disability claims, and our national reputation to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. We will treat you like family—with respect, compassion, and honesty. And with our Share Law Guarantee, you will never pay us anything until we win a settlement for you. The insurance company may have turned its back on you, but at Share Lawyers, we never will. If your long term disability claim is denied… Share Is There.

Long Term Disability Claim Insurance Litigation Law Firm

Share Lawyers believes that every client deserves a disability lawyer that provides a superior personal service. In order to achieve that goal, we have developed our team of experienced, compassionate and caring long term disability lawyers, law clerks and admin staff in order to meet all of your needs. At Share Lawyers, our clients (you!) are our most important priority and we’ll do everything in our power to see that you are fairly compensated by the insurance company for your long term disability claim. From the moment you contact our office, we will provide top-quality disability law knowledge and professional and personalized service. Our team of experienced long-term disability, life, and critical illness insurance lawyers has made successful claims against many insurance companies and third-party administrators.

Our Roots As Disability Claim Lawyers

Share Lawyers was established in 1987 and provides the highest quality disability law standards in legal representation. Co-Founder and President David Share has been practicing law since 1985. As an LTD lawyer, his practice specializes in disability insurance litigation and he leads the legal team to represent injured and disabled people with compassion and sensitivity. Our disability claim lawyers fight for your disability insurance claim with aggressive legal maneuvering and strategic planning, using the latest technology available. Co-Founder and Executive Director Wendy Share oversees all initial contact made by prospective clients seeking legal representation, ensuring that client service gets a strong start from your first phone call or email. David and Wendy have been leading the long term disability claim firm since its inception and are proud to see their trusted staff and family members continue to support their legacy. Meet the Legal Team. Meet the Legal Staff.

Do You Live Outside Toronto And Need A Disability Lawyer?

Whether you are looking for a disability lawyer in Toronto, Ontario or throughout Canada (including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories and Nunavut), we can help you. Our office is located in Toronto and we communicate with our clients in person, via telephone, video conference, email, fax, and courier as well as employing various cutting-edge communication technologies to suit your needs. We also offer extensive information and resources on our website, blogs and social media. View our service areas.

Free Consultation – No Fees Unless You Win

From the moment our experienced long term disability lawyers take on your case, you can turn the focus back to your health, rebuilding your life and knowing that we won’t stop fighting until we have negotiated the best settlement possible on your behalf. Choose the disability insurance law firm with a proven track record of success to advocate for you. Don’t waste another second feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Employment And Disability

Have you made a claim for disability benefits and find that your employer is saying you have quit, resigned or abandoned your job? Or has your employer told you that they are terminating your position? If your job has been terminated or you have had a wrongful dismissal, we urge you to contact us to arrange a free consultation to see if one of our employment lawyers can help. Fill out our contact form by clicking this link. For more information about your employment rights when you are off work on medical leave see our blog here: Termination of Employment Due To Illness

Do You Need To Speak To An Employment Lawyer?

Whether your issue is disability related or not, our employment lawyers may be able to help. They can review your situation with a free consultation and let you know if you’ve been treated fairly where you have been wrongfully dismissed. If your employer has provided you with a termination/severance package that you don’t feel is fair, we can review the severance package to see if you are entitled to further compensation. If you feel that your human rights have been violated, we can go over your rights under labour employment law and discuss a possible resolution.  To learn more about how we can assist, click on our Employment Services page or our contact form.

Life ReBuilder™

Your life has been disrupted. An unexpected illness or trauma has derailed everything… your health, your career, your relationships, your finances and more. Adding to this, your insurance company has let you down when you needed them most. But you can get back on track. You can reclaim and rebuild your life. You won’t have to pay until you win. You will get decisive legal representation from lawyers who specialize in LTD law and who know the insurance companies best. You will also get guidance and tools to help you along the way and to assist you in rebuilding your life piece by piece.

It’s called Life ReBuilder™, exclusively from Share Lawyers. It offers unique services to help rebuild your life and get you back on track, beginning with the expertise of a full legal team (not just one lawyer) all working for you. Watch now!

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